Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Joueur de ligne offensive, Chiefs de Kansas City | Étudiant en médecine, McGill Offensive lineman | Medical student

A year ago, I was trading my football helmet and pads for a hospital gown and a pair of gloves. This experience changed me in a way that I never thought would be possible. I met extraordinary people that made so many sacrifices and took care of our vulnerable ones with so much passion and dedication. Those nurses, orderlies and doctors made me realize the difference between treating and caring for patients. It's now time for me to transition back into football but there is no doubt that those 10 months working part-time in a long term care facility will help me become a better physician. Thank you all for your sacrifices and your hard work. #team #healthcare #workers #frontlineworkers #thankyou

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International Women's day 📢 Shining a light on the ones at the center of my life 💙 Let's keep working towards #equality #respect #equalchances

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