Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Joueur de ligne offensive, Chiefs de Kansas City | Étudiant en médecine, McGill Offensive lineman | Medical student

Bien heureux de pouvoir offrir ma conférence "60 mins avec LDT" au profit de @moissonmontreal le 20 juin prochain dans l'espace @yoop_qc en direct de la Place des Arts Ne manquez pas ça!


Since I have been working in a long term care facility, I have learned a lot on our health care administration system. The many decisions taken need to be relayed and implemented to the teams in the trenches. The person in charge at the facility where I work is Solène, our leader. She has to keep team spirits high while letting them know that vacations have been cancelled and that screening tests are now mandatory every week for all staff. Her job seems very difficult. She has to manage very complex schedules, apply the everchanging sanitary measures, maintain the supply of protection material. When staff shortage becomes too intense, she puts on her mask and visor to join the teams on the floor. Regardless of all that work, she stays positive and gives her 100% to make sure the facility stays safe for the patients and staff. At home, her husband stops her from listening to the negative news on these facilities in the province to help her keep her focus on the task at hand. As she says so well, throughout times of crisis, you must highlight the good decisions and continue the efforts. Great work team 💪🏻 Thanks Solène💪🏻 P.S. Solène is a big fan of my friend Louis Morissette...or maybe it’s the other way around, I’m not sure anymore 😂 @zemorissette #team #work #fighting #covid_19 #pandemic

I’ve been privileged to meet some awesome individuals who have been caring for our elderly for more than 20 years. This is Guylaine, the nurse assistant that I have been paired with for the past 3 weeks. Since the beginning of the crisis, she has not only been doing her job but has also been training people who volunteer to help. Since a lot of ressources from our unit were relocated to other centers with more cases, many workers on our floor weren't there 8 weeks ago. She is the ultimate team player that leads without asking for anything in return. Last week, we had a group meeting where it was announced that vacations were going to be cancelled for the month of May. Even though she was supposed to take time off and her whole schedule had now changed, she went back to work and distributed the morning medication to the next patient with a big smile on her face. #covid_19 #hero #week #pandemic #cavabienaller

Today, I want to celebrate my mom, I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Love you mom! I also want to celebrate all the moms who are working on the frontline. Since the beginning of the pandemic, those women are at the core of the health care work force and have made countless sacrifices and put themselves at risk for the wellbeing of our communities. Happy Mother’s day! Stay safe and thank you! #mothersday #mother #spring #pandemic #frontline